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Top 10 Travel Destinations

Looking to go on vacation, but not sure where you want to go? These top 10 travel destinations are the most searched vacation spots around.

Honolulu- Hawaii

This is the most searched for vacation. People like that Hawaii is a tropical island and the weather is always beautiful. If you happen to see bad weather, it passes as fast as it came.

Canary Islands

Gran Canaria- One of the top travel destinations around mainly because it's beautiful there and the weather is always the way you want it to be. The temperature is constant all year round with sand so pure you won't believe that it's really sand.

Cancun- Mexico

Young and old want to visit Cancun. They offer tons of hotels and something for everyone. You can find parties of every flavor and quiet times on the beach. The weather here is normally warm just like many other tropical islands.

Las Vegas- Nevada

If the night life and gambling are your type of vacation, then Las Vegas is the spot. Known for their parties, gambling and many shows, you will find something that you love here.

Montego Bay

Jamaica- If you're looking for a beautiful place to go, then Montego Bay is the spot for you. Different foods, people and scenery is what you will find here. Their sand is white, and their water is pure blue. Expand your taste buds, romance and much more while you visit this top travel destination.

Grand Bahama Island

The resorts here are beautiful, the water crystal clear and the sand sparkles between your toes. You can choose from many beaches here, for your day time fun. Try swimming in some of their underwater cave systems, truly a unique experience. The night life is like no other here.

Cayman Islands

If you're looking for an upscale resort, this is the island for you. They have so many things for you to do and see here. Stay at a local bed and breakfast or a fancy hotel. Maybe you would like to go to a spa for the weekend or just hang out at the beach. The choice is yours.


This destination is close to the United States and is truly unique. This one island is actually made up from 180 smaller islands. Bridges get you from island to island. So if you tire of one, just head on over to the next one. Bermuda is on the top list because it's so unique. The only place you will find the famous pink beaches.

Puerto Rico

Becoming more popular as the years go by, this island is made up of beaches and mountains. You will find a lot of wild animals and plenty of scenery here. Seasons are a lot alike no matter winter, summer or spring.

Bali- Indonesian

This Island is for the high class people. It's rich in culture and looks. Black and white sand can be found here along the beautiful beaches making this island unforgettable. Temples that dot on the island are something you will notice along with the best tropical Hindu Cultures.

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Top 10 Travel Destinations


What is a backpacker travel insurance?

Holiday insurances are of many kinds. There are snowboarding, ski, annual, backpacker travel insurance and of course single trip holiday insurance plans; each of these are suitable for a specific kind of holiday experience. Of all of them backpacker travel insurance is most widely used by travellers for adventurous trips.

Backpacker travel insurance is not the same as annual holiday insurance, this is mistake many young travelers make when purchasing insurance. Annual holiday insurance is designed for average holiday maker, who goes abroad a couple of times a year usually for a week or two at a time, and spends most of their time relaxing on the beach. This is very different to the habits of your backpacker. If you are planning on travelling for long periods of time, annual holiday insurance usually doesn't cover your stay out of the country for more than a few weeks at a time.

source : TravelBlog
Backpacker travel insurance initially covers any travel period from a total of 90 days to a one year trip, with a pay as you go benefit enabling you to extend, as often as you want to, the duration of your travel insurance up to 18 months. Online backpacker travel insurance will take care of you during your longer than usual travels. Backpacker travel insurance will also give you the freedom to fill this time with exciting opportunities as you will automatically be covered for a huge range of hazardous sport that you may get the chance to try.

If you are of the kind who likes adventure trails, rock climbing, trekking, parachuting etc, then backpacker travel insurance is the right one for you. With the help of cheap insurance UK the backpacker needs for travel, any urgent problems that arise for him can be solved. Since backpackers are basically involved in adventure trails, rock climbing, trekking, parachuting etc which involve danger to him, it is important that any urgent situations that arise for him are attended to sufficiently.

Backpacker Travel Insurance covered for what........

Anyway, although backpacker travel insurance is essential for a backpacker, it is not necessary for you to buy the most expensive one. Price is important to the backpacker, as most things on the trip are arranged around a tight budget, this means that travel insurance experts should be able to offer you good prices and value for money.

Of course, the most expensive policy would offer you the best protection, but you should ask yourself whether you need that much coverage from the policy. Insurance can be costly, check and determine what your requirements are first. Do your research on as many companies as you can either on the internet or ask from a reputable insurance agencies to get the best deal.You will get cheaper prices when you purchase your insurance online. The companies there have lower overhead costs and stiff competition and these explain why they are willing to lower their price to attract more customers.

around the world

What Backpacker Travel Insurance Covered For?

Baggage and possessions cover
Just make sure that your policy protects your possession or you will be unable to claim any compensation for stolen or lost items. It also covers administrative costs incurred in the event that your passport is stolen and needs to be reissued.

Holiday Cancellation
In case you cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be compensated for any money lost.

Travel Delay
Compensation for any money lost due to a delayed departure, though this will often only be paid after you have been delayed for a set length of time outlined in the policy wording.

Emergency Medical Cover
If you need medical attention in a foreign place then this will provide you financial cover.

Rescue services
Sometimes, the only way to access backpackers in need of help is by sending special emergency vehicles to rescue them. If a boat, helicopter, or other rescue vehicle is sent to help you, the best backpacker travel insurance plans will ensure that you don't have to pay for that service out of your own pocket.

Personal liability
If you accidentally harm another person while on your holiday, traveller's assistance insurance will cover these costs for you.

Theft of money
Up to a certain point, cheap backpacker travel insurance will reimburse you for any money that is stolen from you during your trip. However, the limit on this amount is often somewhat low, so it is advised that backpackers do not travel with a great deal of cash in their possession.

I hope to offer you some tips and advice on where to go, what to see, what to do and rather boringly what not to do, and if you can't find what you are looking for on our site then there are plenty of links to other sites where you are bound to find the info you want. 

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Today, Club Med vacations are better than ever!With a thousand and one ways to have fun,Club Med vacations offers something for every age and inclination.From activities such as water-skiing, windsurfing, scuba & snorkeling, to tennis, golf, horseback riding, skiing & snowboarding, Club Med vacation villages have plenty to choose from - with expert instruction at all levels.

Club Med Kani Maldives
Many people might mistake this resort for Tahiti. It is a tropical treasure in the Indian Ocean. A chain of 26 islands southwest of Sri Lanka, made of 1,190 islets from which only 200 are inhabited. The nation is made of 1% land and 99% sea, which is why this destination is amazing for scuba diving and great surfing. The under- water life is one of the wildest and richest you'll ever encounter. Discover great coral reefs, incredible species and vegetation at Club Med Kani Maldives.

Club Med Saint Moritz Switzerland
Ski vacations at Club Med. The resort has many assets; it's a legendary holiday destination for families, couples and skiers, that offers a number of famous sporting events and is also the origin of Alpine skiing in the beautiful setting of the Swiss lakes. Exploring the Alps on a pair of cross- country skis and walking through snow-covered forests on snow shoes are both delightful experiences. Then there is the summer....


Club Med Bora Bora
A relaxing and and magical vacation awaits.  Waters of sapphire blue, jade green and turquoise. Coral reefs occupied by myriads of tropical fish.  Surrounding the resort is a public beach that meanders for over half a mile. You can swim in the ocean by the resort or visit the motu opposite the resort by 5 minute boat trip. The beach is equipped with loungers and showers. Club Med Bora Bora invites you to experience their tropical paradise for your romantic honeymoon or adventure.


Club Med Buccaneers Creek
Between the coves of Les Arlets and the headland of Les Salines, in the south-eastern corner of Martinique, the Club Med Village of Les Boucaniers cannot fail to inspire travelers with a taste for the beautiful. Based in this idyllic spot since 1969, the Village has retained an authentic Creole spirit. Club Med Buccaneers Creek
has a rich history. As Club Med's most famous Caribbean resort, it stood for decades as an icon for what a tropical vacation should be.


Club Med Columbus Isle Bahamas
The pink sandy beaches stretch out along the turquoise waters.  Underneath its clear waters, the world created by the coral mountains makes this island a first-class diving spot.

The luxury Village has detail of a decor in  bright colors, objects d'art and green gardens harmonize with the surrounding countryside... and in the pure refinement of each minute, as you enjoy drinks served freely on the large covered terrace, massages* looking out at the sea, sunset cruises.


Club Med La Caravelle Guadalupe
Caravelle is located on one of the loveliest beaches in the Caribbean extending for four miles. This village also has a card room, video room and an intimate specialty restaurant on the beach. There are 2 restaurants, 2 bars, evening entertainment and a modern nightclub.


Club Med Sandpiper Florida Family Vacations
The Sandpiper village lies on the banks of the St. Lucia River, a country-club style Mecca of golf and tennis.  At the village you will find 2 golf courses, a golf academy, with access to a Jack Nicklaus course, as well as two PGA courses.  For tennis lovers the village has a tennis academy.  There are 3 restaurants, a central bar, evening entertainment and a nightclub.


Club Med Punta Cana Resort
The turquoise sea mirrors an azure sky, the beaches of Punta Cana, located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. Along a lagoon in harmony with a magnificent coconut grove, the Club Med Village basks in the shade of tropical greenery. This idyllic site opens on to 400 meters of private beach, surrounded by a coral reef.


Club Med Ixtapa
Look to the exciting activities of its Children's Clubs, the fiery flavor of its cuisine and the incredible beauty of its sprawling coastline and soaring mountains, and it's not hard to see why Ixtapa was ranked among the top family vacation spots by The Travel Channel.


Club Med Cancun
The village in Cancun has miles of white sand beaches along the coral-rich coast.  Club Med Cancun was one of the first resorts on the Gulf of Mexico.  The village has reopened as a family village offering kids clubs. Over $20 million in renovations have been made to our Cancun Yucatan resort, offering a more luxurious and enjoyable vacation. Club Med Cancun has a beautiful beachfront and is located on the Northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula, and 20 minutes from the Cancun airport.


Club Med Turks & Caicos
11 miles from airport, 11 miles to town
Once a pirates' haunt, the eight Turks and Caicos Islands are today a dream destination and absolute heaven for divers. The turquoise colors of the sea around this group of islands in the South Bahamas will make you want to bathe in its waters and explore its undersea world forever. The Village of Turkoise is in Grace Bay, which is in the north-eastern corner of the main island, Providenciales. Colorful bungalows mingle with the hibiscus trees along the edge of a beach of pearly sand, stretching as far as the eye can see. The Village is for ADULTS ONLY, so guests can enjoy all aspects of the resort  all day long, and then dance the night away.


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The next time your planning a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to set aside a little extra money and time to take in one of the fabulous Las Vegas Shows.

There are not many places where you can find such a large selection of shows and performances to watch. No matter when you plan on visiting Las Vegas, you will have top notch entertainment, such as the unbelievable Circue Du Soleil acrobatic shows and the popular Blue Man Group . Some of these shows have been around for many years, and finding tickets to them can be difficult at times. At any given time, you can expect to find popular headline artists playing concerts in Las Vegas, and these are sure to be a concert to remember.


Some Not So Well Known Facts About The City:

    * The average year round temperature is 67 degrees.
    * Hotel rooms occupancy averages 91 percent annually.
    * Southern Nevada (including Primm, Mesquite and Laughlin, Nevada) has over 142,000 hotel rooms and is growing almost daily. Vegas accounts for 124,000 alone with nine of the ten largest hotels in the world.
    * 851 flights a day deliver over 2.4 million city visitors each month through McCarran Airport making it the eigth busiest airport in the world.
    * Vegas is the 5th most popular foreign travel vacation destination in the world. It's also the top summer destination in the United States and the Top Gambling Destination in the whole world!
    * Over 30 million people visit here annually. Almost one in five are "forced" to come for a convention. Around 100,000 held Vegas weddings last year!
    * It is only a 5 hour bus or car drive from Los Angeles, California. Mesquite and Laughlin are each about 1 hour distant. More tours to The Grand Canyon, one of the most popular local attractions, leave from this city than from any other.
    * There are nearly 1000 taxis, 330 limos & 32 bus routes in the city.
    * Over 1.41 million residents call Las Vegas home!


Circue Du Soleil

Cirque De Soleil presents a wonderful circus like show which gets the recognition of famous circus show of La Nouba. This circus is played without animals and it is the only reason of uniqueness. The young or the old every viewer finds delight to see this enchanting show which is filled with lightning and music. The outrageous costumes and outlandish acts of the acrobats will definitely entertain you family. And ultimately it will be a memorable adventure for the whole family. The melodramatic acts, stunning performances and delightful rhythmic music of Cirque De Soleil are awe-inspiring and it will be sufficient enough to feed your imagination. If your wish to visit Cirque De Soleil is certain than buy Cirque De Soleil Tickets to experience such a wonderful circus show of La Nouba.

Blue Man Group is a creative organization dedicated to creating exciting and innovative work in a wide variety of media.Blue Man Group is best known for their wildly popular theatrical shows and concerts which combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to produce a totally unique form of entertainment. The blissful party atmosphere created at their live events has become the trademark of a Blue Man Group experience.

Currently, their live stage shows can be seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, and Tokyo. Blue Man Group also frequently tours and is on its Megastar World Tour this year.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas is a premier destination entertainment resort owned and operated by Morgans Hotel Group and equity partner DLJ Merchant Banking Partners. Located on 16.7 acres on the corner of Harmon and Paradise Road, inside the Paradise Corridor, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was built in 1995, expanded in 1999, and  2007.

This landmark property offers a unique entertainment and gaming experience with the services and amenities associated with a boutique luxury resort hotel. Always a popular music destination, The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino   hosts such live acts as the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, Nine Inch Nails and The Killers.


Features of the property currently include an 11-story Hard Rock Hotel tower with 647 guest rooms and a 30,000 square foot casino—though a 750 million-dollar renovation is coming. The Tahitian-style beach for a swimming pool was selected by the Travel Channel as one of "The Top 10 Pools" in the world. The celebrity packed Body English nightclub is world famous. "The Joint" is Las Vegas’ first legit and relevant rock venue. Five restaurants, including the world famous Nobu, AGO, Pink Taco, AJ’s Steakhouse; three cocktail lounges; several retail stores; and Rock Spa, an 8,000 square foot spa, salon and fitness center.


Travel to Vegas
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